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Tips for trips

Honestly – we all love travelling. Whether it would be romantic journeys, short escapes or family vacations on the seacoast, there are always certain expectations and wishes. What do we call an ideal trip? There are a number of ingredients. Smooth take-off and landing, no queues and jams, timely transfer, comfortable place to stay at,… Continue reading →

What to wear to a family shooting

Do you plan a family shooting this year? Or maybe next week? And usually the most common question that I have from clients – What to wear to family shooting? And it can be just as challenging as finding the best photographer. First you think that it doesn’t matter what to wear – you need only… Continue reading →

Just married in Copenhagen

Have you ever thought that your own elopement might look like a romantic escape? The Most Intimate Wedding is an event that, unlike many traditional ceremonies, is designed just for two of you. Wedding elopement can be an ideal option if you don’t want to burden yourselves with all the arrangements and fuss associated with a… Continue reading →

Short list BICFP and exhibition in Moscow

Thank you, sweet little girl, for this award! My work is in the short list of BICFP competition and will be presented at the photography exhibition in Moscow in the State Darwin museum from 27.11.16 till 15.01.17 В этом году лучшие фотографии «Международной Премии детских и семейных фотографов» будут представлены в Дарвиновском музее. Выставка продлится… Continue reading →