Birth photography

Birth Photography allows capturing the magnificent moments of labor and delivery. Enjoy the precious time together with your partner waiting for the great moment of childbirth to come while the photographer will take care of filming the most beautiful and impressive experience of your lives.

Birth Photography portrays the minutes most mothers often cannot remember after the hours of labor and happy delivery. The intimate process must be witnessed only by those who you trust. Allowing a photographer to handle this important moment will not only free up the Dad or your other supporting person to be more available to you during your labor and delivery, but it will also ensure that his or her participation is captured on film. The supporting person won’t have to worry about taking photos and enjoy the unique moment right along with you.

Your birth photographer is a person to support and help along the session. The talent of your master of birth photography is to catch the most valuable and touching moments of labor and delivery: your tears of joy, your smile of relief. This intensive and sacred journey will be imprinted in your own family storybook.

Often your Birth, Newborn and Family photographer is the same person who stays with the family for the years.

My work style is usually that of reportage: lifestyle and natural portrait. In a session, I use maximum of natural light. However, sometimes, if necessary, I use additional lighting and photoflash lamps. Undoubtedly, each of my sessions includes photo-ops, which, nevertheless, are always to reflect sincerity, true emotions and natural behavior.

Birth Photography – how it works

Parents normally want to invite a birth photographer beforehand and contact the photographer during the pregnancy. Birth photographers tend to limit the amount of clients they have as they have to stay “on-call” close to the due date. Usually, the photographer receives a deposit before the delivery in order to book the session. On the big day a trusted person or even the mother herself contacts the birth photographer to inform of the start of labor.

I am also experienced in being a “Doula” for my clients. Some of parents ask for guidance in delivery and parenting. I have studied in a Russian school “” and been certified to work as a doula. I provide doula service together with the birth photography and provide special offer for the both services.

You can find some answers about my work as a birth photographer in labor. Please feel free to ask me more questions.

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