Maternity photography

Photo session in maternity is a way to portray beautiful experience of expecting a baby. Which fades away in our memory as the time goes on. Probably you are doubtful about your looks and attractiveness when you are pregnant, but a professional photographer is not. Maternity session is a kind of intimate and sacred process for a photographer.

Mothers confess that their pregnancy photos remain the only true reminiscence of that fascinating period of life. Photo session somehow can give some rest and relaxation on the way to maternity. It could be a meditation and an adventure at the same time, as you leave for a while your mundane concerns. And focus on yourself — your feelings, your emotions, your femininity, your beauty.

Pregnancy session is a way to look at yourself through the eyes of photographer – the person who will highlight the most touching and tender moments of pregnancy.

Please keep in mind that:

  • It is better to discuss your style, colors and plot of session beforehand;
  • Make sure that you have chosen a comfortable location, whether the session will take place at home, in a studio, outdoors etc.;
  • Choose a set of outfit to change – this will diversify your session;
  • Please inform me of all your expectations for the session so that I could advise best stylists, locations, styles to help you with the preparation

My special offer includes pregnancy, newborn and birth photography and the first year of your baby.

My Maternity

As a mother of three wonderful boys i can say — my maternity experience has always been helpful in finding a common ground with kids and their parents. With mothers and fathers of newborn, with beautiful brides and those in happy pregnancy. I am always open for questions concerning wedding, pregnancy, delivery and infancy. I will be happy to recommend the best professionals whether you are choosing a stylist, a designer, a pediatrician or a clinic.


I am happy to be a doula for many women I have photographed. To my great pleasure and joy I support them in delivery. I will be delighted to share my knowledge regarding family planning, pregnancy, labour, breast-feeding and many other aspects of maternity.

In order to be able to do this I have completed a special course taught by a professional doula-obstetrician.

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