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Baby 1st year Pack

Special pack for young parents!

Wonderful memories how your baby is growing up and makes his first steps in the first year of his life!
We meet with you 4 times during a year — from birth (10-12 days old baby),  3-5 months baby, 6-9 months and 11-12 months.

And for the first birthday, 1 year of life — you get a great gift for yourself and your baby.
Each shot will last 1-2 hours in your home or on the street

Pack includes:

4 shootings during 1st year

1. Newborn at the age 7-14 days old

2. 3-6 months

3. 6-9 months

4. 9-12 months

As a result you get

DVD with

20 EDITS in my creative edition, ready for print in a large size from each session

20 COPIES for web from each

Photobook 20*20 10-15 pages.

Ready in 10-12 weeks after last shoot.

Price 10500DKK