Best ever intimate elopement. Yulia & Essam. March 2018

In march 2018 they came to Copenhagen to get married here.

And it was the best ever intimate elopement in Copenhagen. Windy, cold and absolutely gorgeous.

Yulia and Essam are both doctors in Hamburg.

Yulia moved from Moscow a couple years ago. She took only 1 suitcase and decided to move to Germany.

Alone. With nobody on her side.

In 1.5 years she learned language, had an aprovement of her education and found a job.


met Essam…

Essam is a obstetrician gynecologist and Yulia is a baby doctor. Same hospital.

They laugh together, spend wonderful time and dreaming about their oown kids. And decided to get married in Copenhagen. the best ever place to have a wedding only for two!

When i meet the couples like this one, you want to run fast and love the life more and more every day!

It’s amazing when you found your love!