Family photography is always so much fun!

Every photography session for me like a new big event in my life!

Nothing can be more exciting then the home funny session with your family.

These 5 people are amazing!

He works for Danish Royal Army, she is smart and happy mom of three beautiful kids!

When we started this photo session, nobody of us was thinking that it will end with these amazing pictures and so much fun! Just imagine, you invite the family photographer Nataly dauer in your home and suddenly all your family is jumping ont he bed almost naked!

I am so appriciate farthers support and participation in this little crasy fest on the bed!

And we had so much fun and laugh together. And beautiful amazing pictures, that we made just before the lockdown came to Denmark.

Think about family photography in the way that you deserve family pictures just right now!
More then ever!
Especially to fix on paper this wonderful and remarkable year of  2020.

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