In my family portrait we look pretty happy…

In my family portrait we look pretty happy…

And I know this is true! As an experienced family portrait photographer I would say that happiness cannot be posed in any way. And if you are really happy together it will be visible through all your photos. Any photographer would say that it’s always happy families who want to be photographed. To my pleasure, family photos are both about happiness and creativity. Whether you are a couple with kids, big family with grandparents, uncles and aunts, or young, fresh and just married, there are always hundreds of ways to take unique pictures that would be very yours.

A plot for your family session is the core point of the entire event. You will have to create a story together with your family photographer. Provide as much time as you need – your photographer in Copenhagen or in other cities and countries will be involved into the process right from your first call. You yourself can offer any possible ideas. Your pics may be taken during a walk, a trip, a bicycle ride, a fancy-dress ball, at a family weekend, and whatever else comes to your head. Your photographer can also travel with you for family holidays.

You are also free in choosing a place for your session. It may be your own home, a studio or even the streets of your city. Parks and playgrounds are also popular locations to take photo. Mind that the outdoor photography is largely depends on the time of the day. Thus, you will obviously have to choose the daylight time in winter, and for the other seasons you should remember that morning and evening hours are preferable due to soft sunlight.

You will have to provide at least 2-3 hours for the photography. Though, if it’s possible, you may plan ahead even 3-4 hours and involve your kids to take part in preparations. They may suggest that playing hide-and-seek, going out for a picnic, or walking your dog can be as exciting as a sophisticated session in a studio.

What else?

Discussing of color choice with your photographer is a matter of high importance. You will have to be creative enough to pick the proper outfits for all the members of your family. The colors shall be of the same harmony, which is essential for the final photos.

And the main point of the event – just enjoy it. There is nothing more precious than natural emotions and feelings – so don’t pose.