Liza and Ashraf: From Minsk to Copenhagen.

She is a shopgirl. No, she is actually a barista girl.

He is a bus driver.

And they are in love. Liza and Ashraf – gorgeous and amazingly perfect!

They met each other suddenly and not planned at all.

She  visited her friend in Denmark to see the country.  And they met only once, he helped to explore her the  city in Jutland.

2 years they didn’t see each other and were not much related.

But finally he traveled to Minsk to see the city and the friend of her. She actualy tried to make a date for him and her friend. But it never worked.

They felt in love to each other.

And in 8 months they got married. Was it a destiny? or just love?

They have many years between them, almost 20 years of difference.

Different cultures and countries.

But there is no borders and limits for love.

Liza and Ashraf – beautiful couple, living in Copenhagen. And i was blessed to document this wonderful  story of love.