Autumn photoproject «Hidden Butterflies»

“When butterflies come to us, open our hearts, make us feel real and comfortable together, that we call “Butterflies in the stomach”. It is difficult to find them inside, thei hide so deep in the darkness. 
But when we finaly find them – we starting to live.”

Photo project anouncement.

My dear lovely families!
I am so in love with you all.

You are beautiful and gorgeous, fantastic, beloved and loving, with your own world and troubles, serious and funny.

I am sure that parenting changes our life, makes our dreams bigger, although gives us new troubles and wrinkles, but opens our hearts and makes our feelings more sensitive and strong.

I have decided to tell about parenting in my own photographic way and capture you and your families, big and small, to glorify your magic of parenting, to show how beautiful you are in your love and how amazing is to be a parent.

I want to show people around, sweet moments of family connection, happiness and joy and closeness between parents and kids. To safe all these feelings not only inside, but also on the pictures, and years after you can remind yourself these smiles, laughs and tears. And always have “butterflies in your stomach” Tell me the story about your parenting and I will show it in the best way.

Enjoy every moment of your life. I am glad to anonce the new photography project this autumn.

“Hidden butterflies”

Come and participate, please. 

You will get:

  • 2 hours Photography session Nature or indoor.
  • You, your family, children and parents, grandparents.
  • 12 edited pictures, ready to print, in high-resolution
  • 1 premium print canvas in the size 24*30
  • The price is 2500 kr., but for the first 5 participants it is 1700 kr. only.

Send me a message to book your family session.

Thank you! Hugs, Nataly

PS. Please, share this post, so that your friends also could participate. Thank you!
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