«Me and my mom» photoproject. Part 2: Alina and Liza.

“Me and my mom”. Part 2: Alina and Liza.

I met amazing women with different background during capturing this project about mothers.

We had a photowalk with Alina and her daughter last spring. It was cold and windy day in Copenhagen. And we talked about her life.

More than 12 years Alina has been living in Denmark, mostly in Copenhagen.

She was born in Russia, but had been living many years in Ukraine in Crimea and Kharkov.

Alina likes to travel and do it a lot. She is also a really good baker. Her tasty cookies and pastries now are well known in Copenhagen area.

Before i started this project she said that she was dreaming about having one more child in the family.

Now she is already a mom of three.

How to be a good parent?

“I have no special principles, I develop independence, teach my kids to respect others and how to be indifferent. I do not try to raise an ideal person, just try to be honest with my kids and respect their human personality.

And most important – just definitely love them.”, – says Alina about parenting.

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