«Me and my mom» photoproject. Part 3: Ekaterina

«Me and my mom» photoproject. Part 3: Ekaterina

Well, next amazing family for my project “Me and my mom” – Ekaterina and her girls.

Fantastic mother of 2 wonderful girls, wife, owner of the beautiful dog and… business woman, that create high quality travelling holders . Smartly organized, with special pockets for cards, passports and coins – in a stylish holder by Katya Iovleva you can carry all the things you need to travel.

She lives in Denmark more then 5 years. Moved here from Sankt-Petersburg, Russia with her husband and daughters.

Girls playing tennis and like to read and draw. I saw myself how amazing girls and drawing.

About parenting.

About parenting Kate says:|”Do not try to raise children, anyway they will copy you. So just nurture yourself.” And she always follow this rule.

“There are no secrets about parenting girls, just try to teach them to love things around – people, animals, work… The more parents experience you have, the less you know. Just love your kids, show them it and everything will be ok!” 🙂

I am reaaly glad that we met each other and i had these moments with your family!

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Thank you for trusting me!

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