Miracle of birth – Natural water birth in Hillerød hospital, Denmark

Welcome to this wonderful world – Vincent 24.01.2016.

My experience of working as a doula and a birth photographer with Katya, Morten and little Vincent was both spirituous and exciting. As a result i have been a happy witness of birth of this little boy on January 24 – the third son of the wonderful Russian-Danish family.

When a human being is born – it is always a miracle. Probably my job keeps proving that over and over again. I can’t express all my gratitude and joy for being allowed to watch the process.

Doula & photographer

Initially Katya contacted me for a doula’s consultation as she was getting prepared to delivery and maternity. I also told her of my work as a birth photographer in Copenhagen. Through our communication, we have decided to arrange the birth photography. I had to accompany the family for the labor.

Natural birth

Katya had chosen natural water birth. During her pregnancy, she was calm and concentrated – but right before the delivery hospital was changed unexpected. It naturally brought a bit of confusion – for a woman in labor it is better to keep away from any unplanned events. And we arrived to the hospital of Hillerød. Fortunately, the delivery went smooth and fast. The wonderful boy was born in water, to the joy of the company of his parents and careful personnel of the hospital. You can see the slide-show of the best moments of birth of little Vincent here or in the section ‘Birth’.

In conclusion.

Ekaterina and Morten seem to be happy with the results of our photography. I am convinced that it is extremely crucial to be prepared for delivery. Training given by a doula helps women to keep relaxed and focused, which turns pregnancy into one of the awesome periods of their lives and guarantees easy and fast delivery. I am really proud and satisfied with my work with Katya and Vincent.
Birth photography is my labor of love. I feel terrified and fascinated with the sacred process of human life’s beginning. Our babies come to this world so fragile and vulnerable – and I see the reflection of the very human nature in them. We are fragile. Absolutely strong. And loving. Definitely we are passionate.

Enjoy and share if you like it!


And here is Katya’s feedback after our great job:

“Dear Natasha, thank you for your excellence and professional skills, and for your support!

A photographer, a doula and a mom of three kids – it’s all about the same person, caring and supportive.

There can’t be a better company to accompany for the labor! Your advice before and after the delivery are priceless.”