Newborn photographer: how to find the best one?

How to find your newborn photographer in Copenhagen

I am convinced that newborn babies are all little angels. Amazing how many wonderful emotions we experience looking at these photos, remembering our first days with our dear kids.

Newborn photography is what I particularly adore in my work. Though the task is always challenging. So many questions arise as parents are contemplating the idea of having a session for their newborn baby… some want to do it in the most luxurious way. Some hesitate. Some are trying to find an appropriate photographer in Copenhagen through recommendations of friends. I am happy to share some tips.

The best period for newborn session is when your baby is 5-10 days old. It’s the perfect time as babies sleep a lot, are easy to position in front of the camera and flexible. We all have seen those cute pics.

Your newborn photographer is the person you trust a lot. And it is better to search the candidates during the pregnancy, when you have plenty of time ahead. It is a widespread practice when you buy a package – and your photographer provides a pregnant session, a newborn session and a baby/family session. This is easy and convenient, as you can make a schedule with your photographer. The only thing you have to do yourself is to choose a person you really like to work with.

Remember that for a newborn session you will have to provide comfort conditions for your baby – this is the matter of high importance . You might have to keep your dear child awake for 1-2 hours before the session so he/she will sleep quietly after that. You will have to feed your little boy or girl. You will have to check the temperature in the room. And your photographer will take care of all the rest.

Some photographers provide their own studios. Some do visit their clients at home. Both options are good – so it’s you who makes the choice. Enjoy the session and the results!

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