Seven things to do before delivery

Soon-to-be-a-mom is a state worth remembering. The time will pass quickly. In a few weeks the placid long days of your third trimester will be over. Try to make the best of this precious time of your pregnancy. Do it before the delivery.

Enjoy your sleep

It’s very natural that you are keeping waking up at night. Your body is just preparing you to upcoming days with your newborn. Some babies sleep all night long, and some do not. So enjoy your sleep, take a nap whenever you feel you need it. Let’s hope the first days with your dear baby will be tranquil and happy.

Enjoy your time

Though today’s world offers a lot to facilitate travelling for moms and their little babies. It’s obvious that your time and attention will be taken by mundane things. Use your time to visit friends and relatives, to travel and to go to theatres, museums and exhibitions you are interested in. As long as you feel good, pregnancy – and it’s not a joke – is the best time for trainings, education and entertainment. By the way, it might be highly useful to visit lessons for soon-to-be-parents. And make an appointment with a doula to get the best of advice and inspiration.

Don’t forget to have a baby shower

A nice tradition to have a party dedicated to you and your to-be-born baby 3-4 weeks before the delivery. Your to-be-born baby will be given a lot of presents! Make wish lists of what you want to have. And don’t forget of the things you would like to have for yourself. A new dress or a new coffee machine – you surely deserve it! A professional photography session is a great option of present for you too.

Read articles about breast-feeding

All you need to know about the delivery you would probably learn from your doctor and doula. Remember that the process of delivery is unique for each of women. Probably It is not possible to know and predict everything. But if it’s possible to prepare your body to breast-feeding. And if you are planning to breast-feed – it’s right time to start to learn the rules!

Enjoy your sex life

Having a baby is an amazing experience. Though, regardless the way of delivery – natural or C-section, you will have to forget about sex for a while, on average, 4-6 weeks after the delivery. If there are no medical restrictions – just go ahead and have fun!

Enjoy your privacy

Reading books, surfing the internet, dedicating your time to handcraft or cooking – allow yourself all the pleasures that you like to do alone and that make you happy! Being a mom often means that you cannot plan your day as you want, or stay alone for a while, or have some time to enjoy being uninterrupted. But you can do it now, before the big day.

Also it is the most convenient moment to decide who is to accompany you within delivery.Probably it might be your boyfriend or husband, your mother or sister, your friend or relative. It is also possible to invite a doula to support you or take a photographer to capture the entire process – make sure you have found a master you fully trust to.

Memorize it!

Probably only a few professionally taken photos will remind you of the time of your wonderful pregnancy. Pregnancy photo session is a funny and precious experience. Remember what it was like – to be expecting your dear child to be born soon, to feel all that excitement and to enjoy the beauty of your body… keep your best memories captured! If you are planning to have pregnancy, birth, and newborn sessions check for special packages offered by photographers. It is also a great option to invite a doula-photographer to accompany you in pregnancy and delivery.

I wish you a wonderful pregnancy and an easy delivery!