If you travel with kids…

Travelling with kids – take it easy!

Kids are unpredictable. Once you are a mom, your schedule, your plans and moves largely depend on what your kids do and how they feel. Often you have to leave your activities and hobbies as spending time with your children seems to be more important. I know that to some mothers travelling seems to be a distant dream.

However, I think it’s us, parents, who direct the process. We are the people who command. It’s us who decide where to go and what to do, and we can organize our travelling nicely if we take our kids’ needs into account. I am convinced that there is always an option to maintain a balance. Travelling with kids is possible – and it’s a pleasure!

Today the entire process of travelling with children is much facilitated. Just enjoy the ride.

Here are some tips to help you arrange a wonderful journey.

Pack your luggage smartly to have everything at hand

Baby food, napkins and diapers, toys and books are the things you are going to use at airports and onboard. Have them easy to reach and keep them in a special bag with many compartments. Breast-feed your baby whenever it’s needed. Breast-feeding in public places is still being a matter of furious discussions, but no one will notice you if you cover yourself with a big light scarf or shale so keep it at hand too.

Feels like home

One you have arrived in the hotel make your room as close to your home as possible. Organize a play area, a kitchenette, and don’t hide your kids’ clothes and belongings deep into the wardrobes. You may need it at any moment.

Keep in mind that kids basically are ‘strong traditionalists’ – they love their routine, so try not to make acute changes in their routine. 

Let’s go for a walk

Most kids sleep well in their strollers, and we can get the best use of it by going for a walk around. Sometimes a sling or a backpack helps to keep your baby calm and quiet during an excursion or a short hike. Don’t hide yourself in the hotel room – explore the world around you! Your elder kids may get interesting tasks to compare trees, plants and buildings with those at home.

Be a gourmet

Kids and restaurants are the things that can be combined! When visiting restaurants the main task for parents is to make their kids behave decently and prevent them from running and screaming. It’s not that difficult! Most of restaurants in the world do welcome families with kids, providing them with baby chairs, toys, and play areas. At the table you may offer your children to draw or to play PSP. Just don’t forget to take the albums, pens and devices with you.

Remember it!

Every trip is a unique adventure worth photographing. Your kids will grow up and keep the best memories of family activities – sweet and nice album photos.

Invite a destination photographer to have a session at the vacations. It is always preferable to work with someone you and your kids have already known, and someone who knows the best locations for the session. Let’s add some new and funny shots to your family album!