Walk and talk with photographer around Copenhagen

Walk and talk with your photographer in Copenhagen!

Explore the city with your personal guide and have nice memories and photos after the trip!

Combining a walk and a session is easy. Photo Walk is an outdoor session – usually very informal and natural. Improvisation and spontaneity is a key to successful and original photography. It’s like a chat with a best friend – you are easy to share secrets, you don’t have to pose, you are not afraid of being awkward or non-photogenic. We are having a laugh, drinking coffee, going for sightseeing – and taking pictures. It’s what we call street photography. It’s actually, in my personal opinion, one of the most pleasant activities. Do you love to explore new destinations? Then share your excitement through photography!

Every trip is unique in the aspect of emotions and feelings. Every walk in a new city is unforgettable as you are getting closer to new people, new culture, new architecture and styles. Walking in new cities is a dialogue of hearts and souls. Photography is to reflect this dialogue visually. And a destination photographer is a person who can do it with the best of his expertise.

I am convinced that Street Photo is a way of a communication. Listening to someone’s stories is as much gripping as photographing. Moods and emotions are shown through words and pictures. Feelings and expectations are all naked and visible. Photography, like a conversation, is a way to portray the true nature of person. When we combine both it provides an amazing outcome. Together, during a street photo session, we draw your psychological portraits in the decorations of one of the most beautiful European cities.

Photo walks are perfect when you are visiting new places and want to create your own route and your own plan of trip. It’s always a kind of improvisation. It’s always exciting. It is a like a roller coaster. Join the ride!