Wedding Photography – what to plan and what to expect

Wedding Photography

Definitely I couldn’t imagine my life without travelling. Therefore i personally travel a lot through the year as I have to attend many events to photograph. Seems like wedding photography is one of the greatest challenges both in professional and emotional aspects. Most of all i like to capture is the ceremony and the just-married couple’s walk. With a great pleasure, together with my clients, I develop plots of love story to picture. While every session and every story is different and may be taken in different cities and countries the motif is always constant. Love, affection, adoration.

I personally work in Copenhagen and also travel to European cities. Due to summarised my photo experience, I am delightful to share some tips on planning your wedding photography session. Consequently that may be helpful within your preparations for the Big Day.

What to plan and what to expect

  • Your wedding photos is what you want to keep for your entire life. Therefore your choice of a photographer is important. So be critical. Be demanding. Be picky. Start early. First of all try to book a photographer in Copenhagen ahead of time. Develop plan A, B, D in case force-majeure, photographer’s unexpected illness or any other circumstances to make sure your session wouldn’t be cancelled at the last moment.
  • If you have been working with a particular photographer on a number of events and you are satisfied with the result, probably you may want to require a wedding session from this person. Remember that wedding photography is a unique style – some masters might be universal, while the others specialise only on weddings. Finally It is preferable to familiarise with his/her wedding work for other couples in order to make the right choice.
  • Wedding specialisation is narrow and has its own advantages – a wedding photographer may provide you in addition with good advice on stylists, florists, venues, dancers and musicians. Moreover, he/she will probably be familiar with the most popular wedding venues in your city and recommend the best ones.
  • It is highly recommended to visit the venue beforehand. Your photographer will have an opportunity to pick the best locations and to create a plan to follow.
  • Your photographer can be invited to your wedding from abroad. Destination photographers often work with a number of constant clients, providing them with sets of wedding/family/pregnancy/children photos. Long-term cooperation with your own special photographer is a great option.