Cake Smash Birthday session

Cake Smash Photoshoot — your baby’s first birthday photo session — our new special offer for parents!

This is original and funny! The idea of cake smash photoshoot emerged when I was trying to create something special for my son’sfirst birthday party.

Cake Smash Party was really splendid experience. I thought it would be cool to arrange Cake Smash Session for all my kids.

Steps to take for cake smash photoshoot

Choose a cake to smash. You can buy a simple one in your local shop, or order an exclusive one from the best bakers, or cook it yourself – it’s up to you.

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Please avoid red – in combination with white this might look like drops of blood on the photos. All other colors are fine – especially combinations of pastel colors. For boys we usually choose white, green and blue cakes, for girls – any combinations of light violet, pink, orange and white.

If possible – use multi-colored sprinkles. It will make the photos vivid and vibrant and can usually hold your baby’s attention as long as we need it for the photography.


Everything in the room shall be ready for the session. The decorations – flowers and balloons – are all set up. The cameras are charged and turned on. The video is recording. All the extra elements are removed. Ready?


Please take care of cleaning up the mess after the session. Everything shall be provided for cleaning and washing. Remember that a cake smash session is funny but short experience. Your baby will need to take a bath and change, the room floor will have to be cleaned, and your hands will be washed carefully. You might need a pair of extra hands.


Now let your baby enjoy the moment! Usually the best photo is the one that captures the moment when your baby’s hand is first touching the cake. So many emotions are on your baby’s face – delight, joy, excitement, curiosity!

Be sure that the cake is positioned on the level of baby’s chest to facilitate the process. Your baby can sit on the floor or stand – in the latter case you might need a small pedestal for the cake.

Don’t forget about music and cheering!

More tips

  • Make sure that the cake is not taken directly from the fridge – it shall be not too cold.
  • Provide a reserve of extra sprinkles
  • Provide a cake cutter in order to divide it on pieces if needed
  • Provide a special set of clothes to change and a plastic bag to keep the things to be washed if the session is taken outside your home
  • Be creative! Your session is a memory to be kept for the entire life – so make it unique and very-very yours!

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Family shooting

You can check the price for Cake Smash session here and contact me on facebook!

Prices for Cake Smash Birthday photoshoot

view my prices for Cake Smash Birthday photoshoot

Birthday Cake smash pack

30 minutes photo shooting with cake and decoration on your choice at your place or outdoor

You will get:

  • DVD  or online archive with
  • All best pictures from shooting with color-exposure correction
  • 5-7 EDITS in my creative edition, ready for print in a large size
  • 5-7  COPIES for web.

Ready in 3-4 weeks after shoot.

2000 DDK

Cake and decoration not includes in the price and can be ordered separately or i can give you advice where to order or buy.

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