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Taking pictures of children is extremely interesting but very complicated task. In comfortable and friendly atmosphere kids show their sincerity, emotionality and true zest for life to capture. Working with kids delivers spontaneity, playfulness and joy making any session unique and unforgettable. Photography outdoors, at home or studio photography will allow your kids master their natural acting art and play an exciting game. Before arranging a session with children photographer make sure that your child is comfortable and warm – this will guarantee the best results.

Baby photography requires more efforts but, nevertheless, the outcome is always adorable. Before arranging a session make sure that your child is comfortable and warm – this will guarantee the best results.

I generally work in lifestyle with minimum post-editing. I love to work catching the warmest natural moments and live emotions. Every shot for me is a wonderful story – a fairytale with happy end and eternal love and affection ever after. This is the reason I dedicate myself to family kids and birth photography.

My skills and experience all serve to create live, emotional, storytelling pictures with maximum natural composition and minimum photoshop.

Please keep in mind that:
  • For children session it is better to photograph at your home or in the most common and friendly place for your kid. The child will be more relaxed, and for a professional photographer it will be easier to find a contact with your children and help them do all the best in front of the camera.
  • Discuss beforehand all the details to prepare for the session. These may include props, outfits, feeding. The session may last from 30-60 minutes to 2-3 hours. Don’t forget to provide food and water for children if you have chosen the outdoor session.
  • If you invite a photographer for home session it is better to arrange a room beforehand. Make sure that it is warm enough – 28-29 C is desirable temperature for baby and children sessions.
  • Do not forget to take your kids’ toys with you to create easy and playful atmosphere.

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