Familie & Bryllups videografi

Før-bryllups kærlighed historie: Katja and Justas.

Bryllups fotografi: Elopement wedding in Copenhagen: Ca and Ping. 28/05/18

Fødsel videografi: Baby Lærke. April 21-22. 2018

Familie videografi: Mor & son. 

Bryllups video: Essam and Yulia. 

Familie video: This is us. About love and happiness. 

Bryllups video : Daniel & Yuni. Copenhagen elopement.

Familie videografi Evheniia, Yuriy and Sofie.

Familie videografi: Lazzat, Flemming and Emma

Københavns Jul 
Anna, Thomas and Jacob

And with Natasha and kids: Dana and Leon

Familie tour i Dragør

Morning fun with

Eugenia, Alex and Kristina

Eugenia, Yuri and Sofia

Individual art videography for amazing woman

“Family videography”

Family videography pack

1 hour of videography

3-4 min movie about your family with music on my choice.

30sek-1min short version of movie for instagram/social media

HD quality high resolution.

Price 3000DKK

Available in Gift certificates also.

Add videography to your wedding pack  – only + 2500DKK extra