Destination: LONDON!


Next destination: LONDON!

credit for this picture  Luke MacGregor/Bloomberg

MY next photography destination is LONDON!

I already feel it my stomach – this crazy moment of exciting! Destination photographer Nataly dauer is going to London!

I have visited London only once, when i was a 13-years girl and everything was new for me.

Those days i also was in love with film photography and had many shots while i was in London with my school mates. WE studied in the language school and walk around a lot, saw many attractions and enjoyed being teenagers in this huge city of london!

It was an amazing experience for me – actually my first time abroad! Without parents!

And  finally i reach to repeat my trip to London again, after 25 years. Yes. And i will show this city to my son Grigory, who will turn 15 on April 19.

As a photographer, of course, i couldn’t go anywhere without my camera, so i will definately make a lot of pictures. And this is an opportunity for you to catch me in London with my special intelegent view to everything.

Book your lifestyle family photography session in London with me and you will never forget this wonderful city! I promise!



How much does it cost?

  • 1 hour of photography
  • 20 edited pictures
  • My recomendations about outfits and colors
  • 1,5 hours of photography
  • 35 edited pictures
  • My recomendations about outfits and colors
  • Photobook up to 10 pages
  • 2,5 hours of photography
  • 50 edited pictures
  • My recomendations about outfits and colors
  • Photobook up to 15 pages

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Where and when? +
London 19-25 april
Should we choose location by ourself? +
We always choose locations together, required on your suggections
What time? +
Morning or evening - 7-9am or 6-8pm
What kind of session we can book? +
Any of my packs, family or couple, portrait photography.