Copenhagen Fall

Long time ago i dreamed about the session like this for myself. Yep. 6 years gone since then. As a result i didn’t have any of maternity pictures by myself.
I tried couple of times made this idea real for women, who came to me as a photographer, but sessions have been canceled or idea wasn’t in favorites.
Because of that i put the idea “on the shelf” and waited for a while.
Finally, i made this quick telephone call to my friend Anna  and as a result we were driving on the highway to see the fall mystery and colors.
But as always….
My pictures are not about the seasons or places…
They are always about people.
I am grateful to have my friend Anna and that she is always is so openminded to any of my ideas.
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Your photographer in Copenhagen,  Nataly Dauer

Family photography is always so much fun!

Every photography session for me like a new big event in my life!

Nothing can be more exciting then the home funny session with your family.

These 5 people are amazing!

He works for Danish Royal Army, she is smart and happy mom of three beautiful kids!

When we started this photo session, nobody of us was thinking that it will end with these amazing pictures and so much fun! Just imagine, you invite the family photographer Nataly dauer in your home and suddenly all your family is jumping ont he bed almost naked!

I am so appriciate farthers support and participation in this little crasy fest on the bed!

And we had so much fun and laugh together. And beautiful amazing pictures, that we made just before the lockdown came to Denmark.

Think about family photography in the way that you deserve family pictures just right now!
More then ever!
Especially to fix on paper this wonderful and remarkable year of  2020.

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Liza and Ashraf: From Minsk to Copenhagen.

She is a shopgirl. No, she is actually a barista girl.

He is a bus driver.

And they are in love. Liza and Ashraf – gorgeous and amazingly perfect!

They met each other suddenly and not planned at all.

She  visited her friend in Denmark to see the country.  And they met only once, he helped to explore her the  city in Jutland.

2 years they didn’t see each other and were not much related.

But finally he traveled to Minsk to see the city and the friend of her. She actualy tried to make a date for him and her friend. But it never worked.

They felt in love to each other.

And in 8 months they got married. Was it a destiny? or just love?

They have many years between them, almost 20 years of difference.

Different cultures and countries.

But there is no borders and limits for love.

Liza and Ashraf – beautiful couple, living in Copenhagen. And i was blessed to document this wonderful  story of love.


Blog: Family photo walk in the Dragør.

Elopement, Madrid, travel photographer

When you travel as a photographer, you meet the most fantastic people in the world.

Madrid: Ruben & Laura, spring walking in the Retiro park

Spring is already just above the corner.


And this is a small spring story for Ruben & Laura from Madrid.


They have been friends for couple of years, studied together and nobody expected that they became a wonderful couple.

They have been traveling and exploring the world as a couple for last four years.
Spent almost 8 months in Asia traveling and then they decided to settle in Madrid.

Hope this city will bring them a lot of joy and happiness. 


And i had so much fun and pleasure as a photographer to capture them in this beautiful city.


You are always welcome to follow my travel schedule and book the session in your city!


Best ever intimate elopement. Yulia & Essam. March 2018

In march 2018 they came to Copenhagen to get married here.

And it was the best ever intimate elopement in Copenhagen. Windy, cold and absolutely gorgeous.

Yulia and Essam are both doctors in Hamburg.

Yulia moved from Moscow a couple years ago. She took only 1 suitcase and decided to move to Germany.

Alone. With nobody on her side.

In 1.5 years she learned language, had an aprovement of her education and found a job.


met Essam…

Essam is a obstetrician gynecologist and Yulia is a baby doctor. Same hospital.

They laugh together, spend wonderful time and dreaming about their oown kids. And decided to get married in Copenhagen. the best ever place to have a wedding only for two!

When i meet the couples like this one, you want to run fast and love the life more and more every day!

It’s amazing when you found your love!

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Intimate elopement photo session. Copenhagen, Denmark.

Dandan & Samuel.

Intimate elopement photo session. Copenhagen, Denmark.

I met Dandan and Samuel in January for a beautiful intimate elopement photo session in Copenhagen.

They met each other in Germany and lived for a couple of years in Hamburg.

Just before they decided to get married in Copenhagen, Samuel got a job as a german language teacher in Asia and they were prepared to move from Germany to China as a married couple.

Together we spent a lovely time in the City hall of Copenhagen and had a tour around the city center.

Elopements are always fun to photograph because they are just about the bridal couple without any timeline or stress.

Enjoy pictures and smile!

Wedding family photography: Kay & Antje.

Wedding photography Copenhagen:
Civil marriage with kids. Kay & Antje.

Wedding with kids – what could be more amazing! Kay and Antje came from Germany, Munich, to get married here in Copenhagen city hall.

They have lived together 14 years!   Tried to get married twice, there was always something preventing it.

Finally, with 2 amazing daughters, they married in Copenhagen city hall 16th of december 2017.

And i am in love with this family! So adorable! We had a small wedding ceremony and a photo ssession in the city hall and a little bit walked around.

Enjoy the pictures! Share if you like it!

Wedding photographer and videographer, Nataly Dauer.

Family videography: Get ready for Christmas.

Family videography: Christmas mood.

Meet Yevheniia, Yuriy and Sofie, living in Copenhagen, Denmark.

I met this amazing family almost 1.5 year ago, when i have captured the newborn Sofie at her first  baby photosession, just 10 days old.

We made together  5 wonderful family photo sessions already in Copenhagen. And as a family videographer it was my pleasure to make a lovely video about Christmas time this year.

You always think that you have enough time to capture your kids, but they grow so fast… And in a couple of years you will laugh together with you child about wonderful moments, that I have captured for you.

2nd Sofie’s Christmas in Copenhagen, 2017.


Family videography by Nataly Dauer.

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