Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can see Frequently Asked Questions about photoshoots by Nataly Dauer.

1. Shall we meet before the session?

If you choose a birth photographer it is better for the both parts to get to know each other beforehand – as this person is going to be the witness of the most intimate process. Please find time to have a talk and to discuss all the details of your photography planned.

2. When is the photographer available?

I am available 24/7 and will stay with you from the moment of the beginning of labor till the hours of postpartum, taking the images of post-natal tests and first breast-feeding.

3. Where is it possible to photograph?

Natural childbirth in a clinic or at home, unassisted or C-section can be photographed. The miracle of life is worth photographing in any form.

4. How many images will we receive?

Birth Photography usually includes 100-200 professionally edited images.

5. Will the photographer show our pictures to any other persons?

I understand the intimate nature of the moment and family privacy. I truly appreciate it when families trust me photograph these sacred moments. All birth photos are highly confidential and can be never shown to anyone but you until approved.

6. What is your style in photography?

I work in genre reportage styles: ‘lifestyle’ and ‘natural portrait’. For a session I use maximum of natural light. However, sometimes, if necessary, I use additional lighting and photoflash lamps. Undoubtedly, each of my sessions includes photo-ops, which, nevertheless, are always to reflect sincerity, true emotions and natural behavior.

7. Can I order a combined session of birth and newborn photography?

Yes, sure. I can offer you a number of various packages so you can combine your pregnancy, birth sessions and a session of your baby at the age of up to 10 days in one package and get a discount and an original gift from me.

Learn more about packages and prices in the section Price/Special offers