Ilya Dvoyakovskiy Master Klass & Work shop i København

Hello photographers!

I am delighted to invite you for a 2-day masterclass

“Learning to be a colorist for your photography”

by Ilya Dvoyakovsky in Copenhagen!

Dates: April 7-8, 2019

Place: City center Copenhagen

It will be an intensive two days filled with tons of practical advice and hands-on exercises on working with colors in photography. Ilya will share his rich experience in how to find the best location with most vibrant and expressive colors, how to chose clothes and accessories for your model. Needless to say you will also learn how to work with light, and how to edit your images to get best colors possible. 

Ilya is one of the most sought-after photographer in Eastern Europe. He is Ukrainian, and gives masterclasses in multiple languages across whole Europe. THe best place to enjoy his talent is his instagram account

All questions and organisation by

Nataly Dauer

+45 91950745

If you interested to participate, please, send your email and i will send you the program of 2 days and details.


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2 days Master Klass & Workshop


Some sample photos