Newborn Photography

Newborn photography is a beautiful way to memorize those precious moments of your life when you become parents. Now that your beloved baby has come to this world you definitely keep noticing how your newborn little boy or girl is growing and changing every day. These moments of the very beginning of your baby’s life will probably fade in your memory in a year or two – or they will stay forever as your family’s history has been memorized in professional newborn photography.

Newborn photography is a funny process of creation and emotional exchange and a unique experience for a family. Soft light and pastel shades will help empathize sensuality and tenderness of the moment. Newborn photography is a special art to reveal the most beautiful aspects of parenthood. Can the absolute love and adoration of mother and father be visualized and imprinted Yes, it can – through the mastery of photography. Professional baby photographers usually look for a creative way to take original pictures, including positioning, accessories choice, and playfulness

When to plan my newborn session?

If you want to memorize “sleepy, curled up poses” it’s better to arrange a session within the first 10 days of your baby’s life. Newborns tend to sleep less and are difficult to pose once they reach the age of 10 days. It could be also stunning images of newborns and babies at later stages, up to the age of 1 month.

How far should I plan my newborn session in advance?

Please book your newborn photo session at least a month before the baby is due. I will be looking forward to hearing from you as soon as the baby is born. And we will choose the perfect day for your newborn session.

Do I need to have or buy any props, like hats or baskets, to use during the session?

You can buy these items if you want something special you would like to use. I have a lot of my own props to use during the sessions.

What happens if you are called to a birth and my session has to be postponed?

Since I am a birth photographer, I am often on-call. If there is a probability that your session may be shifted because of a birth session, I will let you know ASAP in order to re-arrange our booking.

If your session has to be postponed, I will give you a 200DKK discount on your re-scheduled session.

Do you have a question not answered here? Please do not hesitate to contact me.

Newborn Photography prices

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Standard pack

You will get:

  • Online downloaded zip.folder with
    • 10 EDITS in my creative edition, ready for print in a large size.
    • 10 COPIES for web

Ready in 6 weeks after shoot.

3500 DDK
Comfort Pack

You will get:

  • Online downloaded zip.folder with
    • 25 EDITS in my creative edition, ready for print in a large size.
    • 25 COPIES for web.
  • PHOTOALBUM/BOOK 20*20 up to 15 pages

Ready in 10 weeks after shoot.

6000 DDK

Newborn photography photos

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When is the best time to make newborn pictures? +
5-14 days adter the birth. In this period baby still very sleepy and flexible and it's easy to make almost any pose with baby.
When should we book a time with you for newborn session? +
You are welcome to contact me in a 1 month in advance before your due date and, of course, you need immidietely contact me right after the birth to be sure that i have enough available dates in the next 14 days after the baby birth.
What kind of newborn pictures do you make? +
I make lifestyle pictures and couple of posing pictures on the posing pillow or bed/sofa. It will be mostly pictures with parents, when baby is on parent's hands or lying on the sofa/bed with parents. I don't make any of "postcard-basket" pictures with strange and unnatural poses for baby.
How long is the newborn session? +
Newborn session usually is a little bit longer then other my family sessions - could be from 2 til 4 hours in total
Should we prepare anything for session? +
Yes, i always ask to prepare parents outfits, that will fit each other. It's important to be in one family look - simple, but nice. Jeans, white/grey/black t-shirts, dress for mom etc. Natural plain colors. And couple of outfits for baby on your choice, but of course i also have some outfits for baby/ also wraps - so just ask me to bring it.
Where the session takes place? +
I don't make sessions in studio. It's always at your home - I recommend to do it at home, as it's easier for new mom, more comfortable and much more relaxed for baby. And you don't need to live in a huge house - every home has a place to make pictures.

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