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WHEN: JULY 2-5 2023

WHERE: Plateau Valensole, Manosque area, PROVENCE, France

It is so easy to see why a lot of tourists from all over the world are coming in this area of France. All of them are trying to capture this beauty of lavender fileds with  photography and videography.

The climate and quality of life are among the best in France. The landscape of inland Provence is alluring with stunning rock formations and rich coloured dazzling soils.

Between the rugged hills and mountains, there are deep gorges, fertile valleys filled with carpets of lavender, almond groves and ancient olive trees and vines.

You can  smell the amazing aromas of wild herbs such as lemon verbena, rosemary, thyme, or basil. And lavender of course!

This land smells so sweet that it is no wonder that perfume is a big local industry. 

You are welcome to book a session with photographer in Provence  – just write me en email or chat in whatsapp.

Make attention that I take only 2 sessions per day – 1 on the sunrise (6-7 a.m.), the other is on sunset (20:30-21.15). 

Prices for Provence 2023 photoshoot

View prices for photography in Provence 2023

  • 1-1.5 hour of photography
  • 25 edited pictures
  • Collection of all good jpegs in basic correction
  • One of the best fields in Valensole area
  • My recommendations about outfits and colors
Day with photographer
  • All day long  with photographer and guide
  • Best places in Provence Verdon, Manosque
  • Lavender & on your choice: wheat fields or city style
  • Minimum 2 photography session plus reportage from all day
  • At least 70 detited pictures
  • Photobook Premium  15 pages.
  • Transport & Food not included in the price.

Provence photography portfolio

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Frequently asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Where the lavender fields are located in Provence? How to get there? +
Manosque and Valensole area in Provence, France. 120km from Marseille or 220km from Nice. Take a flight to Marseille or Nice, ret a car and you are here!
When does lavender blossom? +
End of june til the middle of july is the best time to capture lavender fields.
What time should photosession start? +
5:30 a.m. or 8:30p.m. Only sunrise or sunset - the best moments to capture you in the best light in this region.
Do you have any outfits and hats/bags to use during photography session in lavender fields? +
I always take some outfits and hats, bags, but i prefer that you prepare something that belongs and meaningful to you.
Where should we stay? +
There are a lot of small hotels and villas to rent. And i would love to help you too find the best one or even to stay in the same hotel with me.
Do we need a car to reach the lavender fileds? How far is it from Nice and Marseile? +
You definitely need to rent a car. Plateau Valensole, where are the most beautiful and popular fields are located, is far from small towns around, so to get there is better to have a car. I also can offer transfer for you, if you need.

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