Individual consulting class

With professional photographer

Photography consulting in Individual classes with professional photographer.

What included:

1. Portfolio review, analyses of instagram and other social media webpages.  My help with making statistics.

2.  From beginning of photography business, creating portfolio til the marketing and advertising.  Strategy of developing. Postproduction.

3. Strategy. Advertising and Personal brand. How it works and what to do.

If you need advice from professional or

  • Can’t find your own style and have difficulties with postproduction
  • If you don’t know how and where to start
  • If you in doubt how to increase prices and involve more customers.=

If you say “YES” for at least one of the questions –  Personal consulting is your way to help your business to grow.

Choose between 1 class  with any question you are in doubt


5 classes as a follow student and me as a mentor.

Each of sessions includes 2 hours and personal (*face to face online) discussing and working on subject together.

For more info about photography consulting you can contact me on facebook.

More info about me you can view on this page.



One class
DKK 1000
DKK 7500
DKK 6500

Classes will help you to

Start from begining with no fear and ready strategy
Get the higher level of your education and profession
Inrease prices and reach the best customers

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